More interfaces are actively being built, but most data is currently entered in this administration interface. Staff users get a link to the admin interface in the usual dashboard that shows reports (in the upper right menu). The URL is /admin by default but this can be customized by setting ADSERVER_ADMIN_URL

The admin interface

The admin interface

Deleting data

Most advertising records in the ad server such as clicks, impressions, advertisers, advertisements cannot be deleted through the administration interface after they are created. This is by design so that billing data is never deleted in the system. Ads and flights can be deactivated so they aren’t used, but advertiser data is not deleted.

If you absolutely must delete data, you’ll have to go to the database directly.

Invoicing advertisers

Assuming an advertiser has a connected Stripe Customer ID, invoices can be created for an advertiser directly from the ad server. In the advertiser admin section or in flight administration (for admins, not advertisers), select “Create draft invoice” from the actions dropdown, select an advertiser or the flights to invoice for, and click Go. This will create a draft invoice for the advertiser in Stripe which can customized further and sent.

Processing refunds

For billed clicks and views that need to be refunded or credited back to the advertiser, there is an administration action which will correctly update all the relevant models and mark the impression as refunded so it can’t be refunded again.

Go to Ad Server Core > Views or Clicks, select the impressions to refund, choose the refund action from the dropdown, and hit “Go”.